Natural Insect Repellent

Natural Insect Repellent
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Did you know that mosquitoes can hone in on an individual from 50 yards away? They are attracted to you by what's on your skin: Bacteria (body odor); CO2 - Carbon Dioxide your body expels in sweat and lactic acid found in human breath. So what we eat and drink will draw them to us, as well as movement and heat from our bodies. Those are just a few reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to people.

Our "All Natural" Insect Repellent, in a 4 oz. spray bottle, contains a mixture of all plant-based essential oils and it not only repels mosquitoes, but wood ticks, biting flies (horse flies/deer flies),gnats, chiggers and spiders as well!

The main ingredient in our Insect Repellent, Eucalyptus Citrodora (aka lemon eucalyptus), has been found by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), to be as effective as products with DEET, but even more so because Eucalyptus Citrodora is NOT a chemical like DEET is!

Our Natural Insect Repellent was not only tested in the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota, but has been taken to (and tested) in Peru, the Amazon, and Africa!!!

Apply our repellent sparingly and reapply as needed; heavy application doesn't increase its effectiveness. The KEY to our Natural Insect Repellent is SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE vigorously and SPRAY... SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE and SPRAY down the front and then continue the same shake and spray routine down the back. We do NOT use an emulsifier, which would be a chemical, and wouldn't make our product 'all natural'. That's the reason one has to shake the bottle - to keep the essential oils well-blended for effectiveness.

Our repellent is great for kids and pets. Just be careful not to get it into eyes. And, like with any of our Buckley Natural products, avoid using our All Natural Insect Repellent if any skin irritations appear when using it.